Aliens and Sacred Spaces

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Re: Aliens and Sacred Spaces

Postby Moon » Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:23 pm

Masteroftracks wrote:What about Andrew Collins idea that the great pyramids are alined with Cygnus, not Orion. I never see anyone mentioning this. Why?

I have read his book The Cygnus Mystery and am very open to the alignment to Cygnus. There are many other monuments out there that are aligned to Cygnus and others aligned to Orion's Belt. I do agree with you that Mr Collins is a very good author and does a lot of research for his books.

cRush: Many of us here do know that modern engineers can lift those mega stones today. The question is how did the very ancient peoples move them over 9,000 years ago at sites such as Malta and the ancient ruins under the Temple of Jupiter in Babek (I can't remember the name even though it was repeated last night).

The huge stone slabs were laid on top of the other smaller stone slabs over 9,000 years ago, when they did not have the man power to move such objects. Also, last night's episode showed the very ancient city in South America that predated any known Native tribes. How did they fuse the stones together that they are earthquake proof?

There are many interesting questions that mainstream science has not answered yet, but choose to ignore.


Re: Aliens and Sacred Spaces

Postby Polaris » Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:31 pm

escotsmith wrote:Hello, everyone. Aliens and Sacred Places was mind blowing. I lived in Israel for several years, and being in Jerusalem, and ascending Temple Mount is beyond surreal. The energy that permeates Jerusalem is unreal. It feels as if the city vibrates at a higher frequency. The energy is definitely augmented once one enters the Temple Mount plaza. The hair will stand up on your arms. The same goes for Mt. Hermon.
Awesome, would love to go there one day.

But, I have a question to pose: if the Gods of old were actually ETs, which they are. and our ancestors misinterpreted what they saw, which they did, and we still are, to a great extent. how does a more transcendent God relate to our human history? For example, the ETs gave man the moral codes about how to live their lives, such as the Ten Commandments. But, what about all the other spiritual aspects of the Bible, especially when looking into the Prophets, like Isaiah. We know that certain people in Hinduism, Judaism, Islam (Rumi), and Christianity have attained a higher state of consciousness within the mystic traditions of these religions. , eastern religions delve into this, sumerian ones not so much - they being from another planet (likely our seventh) doesn't change our relationship with them. They taught right from wrong, the races that sprang from sumeria don't quite follow it as the divine had intended... higher consciousness is where the cosmos comes into view...

However, are they communicating with ETs during their moments of ecstasy, or are they really communicating with a higher being? it's telepathy...

And, are the worlds' religions the mirror images of the ETs own religions? The aliens from this other planet have been here for millions of years. It's my thinking that the mayan civilization recorded the beginning of our time. the sumerian culture and its religions were quite some time later. The answer your question is an empathic YES, and looking at them, it's obvious some have since been 're-written'...

Just curious. . .

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