How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Discuss everything Erich von Däniken related here: Chariots of the Gods, his books, appearances, etc. Have you ever met EvD in person? When? Where? Share your story/photos here!

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How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby JBishop870 » Fri Aug 10, 2007 5:07 am

I am new to this forum, I am just curious as to how others have come to be interested in this subject of Erich von Daniken's books and ideas, i.e. how interest in this general subject of 'ancient astronauts' came about.

In my own case, it was way back in the late 1970s, in Africa and out in the bush, that a friend of mine loaned me EvD's second book to read. It was out in the middle of nowhere and late at night by the light of an old lamp I read this wholly new (to me) material. It fascinated me, and it set me off on a long and several decades-long reading journey.

About a year later EvD's film 'Chariots of the Gods' was aired at a theatre in Salisbury, Rhodesia. I viewed it and I thought it was wonderful. I now have a copy of it on DVD.

I don't absolutely accept everything EvD has to say, but in general I think he is on the right track, re ancient anomalies etc.

I have now read perhaps a dozen of EvD's books, and I also began collecting and reading those by many other authors in this and related fields. My interests have widened in this area to UFOs and parascience in general, and I have a huge bookcase filled with books on these subjects, which I am still reading my way through.

Others? .........

marg noils

interest in evd

Postby marg noils » Mon Jan 07, 2008 9:26 am

hi, my interest started only last year, 2007, I read the book "chariots of the gods?"the book fell into my hands rather strangely. I was given a big box of second hand dishes and in the bottom was one book. old too. so I read anything that I find. I started reading it and right away I was hooked. It explaines a lot of things I had been wondering makes a lot of sence to me. So now I am a beliver. I have ordered some other books by him, have read one by graham handcock too.bye for now marg.

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Postby Jerry_S » Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:20 am

Chariots of Gods was the first book I read. As a child age 12 I didn't really grasp all the content. However it did "hook" me into a life long interest in these topics.


Postby waynedg » Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:01 pm

i got interested at school i think and started reading his first book and then went out to collect some more. i was hooked.


Postby upperworld » Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:49 pm

Strangely enough i first became aware of EvD through his video in the bonus features on the Stargate DVD.


Postby Manneman » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:56 pm

Since I´ve been interested in scifi movies and TV series since childhood and have seen all episodes of what ever caught my interest, I started to explore the internet in around the year 2000 and stumbled upon the first movie version of EvD´s at about the same time.

After that I have encountered numerous of tales and stories about not only ancient astronauts but also ancient structures and artefacts wich I strongly believe is heavily related to oneanother.

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Erich von Daniken

Postby granmaimx2 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:42 pm

I just happened to be watching TV one night and came across the History Channel and Erich was talking about extraterrestrials and the bible. And I said Halleluiah, finally there is someone who believes as I do. I heard there was a movie called "Chariots of the Gods" but not being a movie goer I did not think anything of it, but after this program I bought all of Erich's books and started reading up on all he's about and am a real believer. One of the books I bought had one of his business cards in it and it was signed by him. This is very precious to me. I would love to meet him in person.
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Postby Teresaist » Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:59 pm

I caught Ancient Aliens on the History channel this past weekend, and learned about all sorts of things I never even considered. It fascinated me and I'm interested in learning more. I'm looking forward to reading Chariots of the Gods? Also, I'd like to pinch von Daniken's cheeks. He's adorable. :D

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Postby Giorgio Tsoukalos » Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:43 am

Teresaist wrote:Also, I'd like to pinch von Daniken's cheeks. He's adorable. :D

I might just be able to arrange that. 8) Would you flake out? :wink:
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Postby spacerelatives » Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:51 pm

My Dad read COTG's in the early 1970's and he rarely read anything. So I knew it had to be interesting :P and I soon picked it up and read through it. Or at least enjoyed the cool pics.


Postby gwennwittig » Sun May 02, 2010 6:49 pm

Heard about COTG back in the '70s when I was a kid, I was a rabid fan of 'In Search Of'..Alot of what I read (when I finally got my hands on a copy of EVD's book), really resonated with me and made alot of sense, (especially being brought up in a religious fundamental environment). COTG answered alot of questions for me. It also helped me to expand my mind to accept alternative answers to difficult questions. I've been searching and studying the Ancient Astronaut theories for a long time since then. One of my 'discoveries' was William Bramley's novel 'The Gods of Eden' which not only expounded on EVD's theories but takes it a few steps further, (alot of interesting theories in this book and I recomend it to anyone who's searching also). Zacharia Stichen is another favorite of mine. Anyway I've been on this journey for a long time now, and absolutely am grateful to Mr. Von Danniken for his courageous efforts in putting this material out to the public.


How I got interested.

Postby Bob137 » Thu May 06, 2010 7:03 am

I started questioning my orthodox schooling, and preaching, and sought information in local libraries in the late 60's. I found many unorthodox books an various subjects, to include EVD's Chariots of the Gods. I have continued my research for over 35 years on ancient civilizations, religious beliefs and customs, governmental and religious control, thought control, history dissinformation, ufo's, aliens, mysteries, and the like. I have learned through my travels, and experiences, and readings, that we are made from a star faring species from their DNA mised with that of primates, most likely chimpanzees, and that through many such manipulations they finally came up with humans. Hw would they be able to do such things over vast eons. Most likely they are interdimensional time travelers, and have seeded this planet, and possibly others, and are still watching our developments. If they don;t like what they see, it is possible that they produce global destruction, and restart or rebuild after the calamity has subsided, and or possibly people living in the interior of the earth have came out and reseeded the populations. Both are likely scenarios, and the most likely of what has happended upon this earth many times over. Religions, and governments, have tried to little avail to control this information, and to keep it from the general public, again and again, only for this information to be refound, and republished again. I have found various old books in libraries, that are not supposed to be read by the general public, and after I return them to the libraries, these books seemingly disappear, so that they can not be read again unless you are a scholar from a university, you can not check them out. I was probably very lucky on finding some of these, and checked them out when a newe person was working there, and did not know this information. I had a friend that was a librarian at one of these city libraries for some time, and informed me that many such books are kept from the public, at many libraries, that only the few are allowed to read. One of the books was on the alchemy and some of the information was from the Egyptian book of the dead that is not otherwise published, on the manipulation of matter, the spiritual processes for evolving oneself to a higher being. I which I would have kept that book, and jsut paid the fine for not returning it. That book had secrets that I have not found in any other literature in any book stores.


Postby fotoguy » Wed May 19, 2010 4:57 pm

I enjoy mostly documentaries. I found COTG on another forum and watched it and was blown away. EvD has such incredible intelligence and insights! Every bit of it made sense, even though it went absolutely against what I had been taught and believed all of my life.

Thank (whatever powers be) for Giorgio! What a great man to follow closely in those big footsteps!


Postby Hawklady » Sun May 30, 2010 5:11 am

It was a very cold clear night in early 1974 (Jan or Feb) and I was driving my husband and myself home after getting off work approx. 2am. I rounded a curve and there before us was a UFO. The craft had no sound for I rolled down my car window to listen for a sound. It had all the other identifying characteristics as normally described by other UFO sightings and after hovering for a minute or so, zipped off in the blink of an eye.

Back then there was no internet and the only book we could find regarding UFO's was EvD's "Chariot of the Gods". I still have that book and reread it every few years.

We've "come a long way baby" since then and reporting such events no longer mark you as a lulu



Postby Bob137 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:58 am

I just visited another web site on ancient astronauts, and it was poorly informed, and stated that some of EVD's research had been proven wrong, which on the ones they proposed, such as Searching the cave in Ecuador, and the Nasca Lines, were not up to date, and were pure conjecture. I have read on other sites, that EVd's story of the Cave in Ecuador have been found to be totally true, and that the person he was with was withholding the information to protect his original guide, but that since that person has died, the guide admitted to EVD's original statement, and that since then the guide's son has shown another person part of the cave system. Also in regards to the Nasca Lines the supposed evidence, is not evidence disproving EVD's claim, it is only another perspective, not evidence at all. So I decided to state this information to this web site, but their feedback seems to not be working anymore, probably because they got to much flack for producing too much bull! Personally I check many web sites out on information, and have read numerous books on thiese and many other interesting subjects, and I admit I am inclined more with EVD and ZS's, and the ones from TS reasoning, more than others since their claims are the most logical I have ever found.

Logic shall prevail over ignorance and stupidity!


Postby Prymus » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:03 pm

Gowning up next to 3 church's ,i got to talk with the leaders of them. It just so happened that one the minesters girls was hot . Yea i spent alot of time around Mr Dursham. I liked the idea of God at first ,but i could not wrap my head around some the rules and laws that went along with it.

Over diners i'd question him and his answers seem rehearsed (thats the best way i can think of it) Then i found the game D&D my ideas ran wild.

As funny as it sounds i'd say getting high and debating things with friends were fun. So i go find stuff to read on them so i was better armed in the late night debates we get into.

I heard once a saying . In the universe there is nothing unique . It allways stuck with me.


Postby TeamBobbaFett » Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:35 pm

I started questioning life outside our world when I was about 7, but my father was a small town preacher and the only answers I got were, there's nothing but us in the universe, because God said so and because the Bible said so..I never bought it.
One of my fist few questions for my father was, "Well then, who made God?'
Of course, his answer was that no one made God, he made us.
The question that fallowed was, "What about the other universes? Who's God of those?'
My father tapped me on the head and said there were no other's.
I looked up at the night sky and said, "But that's a lot of stars dad, there's gotta be more out there than this."
From a very young age, I understood that people who told me what was what, didn't have the whole picture.
But my interest in AAT came about from the T.V. all just makes sense, more so than anything else I have heard.

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From Berlitz To EvD

Postby hawkmoon » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:21 pm

When I was 14 (back in 1980) someone gave me Berlitz' "The Bermuda Triangle" which finally triggered my interest in ancient civilizations. Some months later a bookstore in the neighbourhood closed its doors permanently and made a sale, where I stumbled upon three of Erich's early books.

13 years later I had the opportunity to travel with him to Chichen Itza, Palenque and all the other important archeological sites in Mexico. Now I have a library with numerous books on the ancient astronauts hypothesis, ranging from Sitchin's works over to some of Robert Charroux' and many others.

I still find it fascinating: the idea of cosmic visitors, researchers, pioneers or even colonists who set foot on earth in ancient times. Perhaps ancient astronaut history repeats itself when humans go out to space and conquer earthlike planets in other solar systems in the not-so-far future... who knows?


Re: From Berlitz To EvD

Postby Rattlehead » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:22 pm

hawkmoon wrote:Perhaps ancient astronaut history repeats itself when humans go out to space and conquer earthlike planets in other solar systems in the not-so-far future... who knows?

Bingo! It's in our DNA! :wink:


Postby PegasusAngel » Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:15 am

my husband found very old copies of COTG, According to the Evidence, In Search of Ancient Gods & Miracles of the Gods, in our second hand book shop in a 10 pence box. He knew I liked reading about controversial theories and such & ancient civilisation, mysteries so he got them for me...and I'm so glad he did! At first I was a little dubious about the theory, but after reading more of Erich's books and certainly 'History is Wrong' I'm almost convinced Erich is absolutely on the right track.

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Postby Moon » Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:40 pm

I first read Erich von Daniken's books at age 14. I was fascinated in the subject, and then the Nova program came on PBS and I was turned into a debunker for a long time. The interesting thing is I picked up Richard Belzer's book on JFK and started reading it. He opened up my mind again, and I started to reread older books and newer ones on many subjects out there.

I ordered History is Wrong, and enjoyed that one thoroughly. Herr von Daniken finally gets his side of the story out there, and I hope everyone reads it so they can get a balanced view. I have several of his other books on my wish list (and Christmas gift list!)


Postby PegasusAngel » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:43 pm

Lol Max, I have a wish list for christmas, Erich's new book is def on it!

I also hope that more people read 'History Is Wrong' because the people I talk with sometimes about these things are like oh yeah but Erich this and that, I'm like well have you read his book History Is Wrong that clarifies his position...of course they haven' their arguments are then invalid...

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Postby Moon » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:12 pm

There are two sides to every story out there, and no one asked Herr von Daniken's side when they did their hatchet jobs. Interviews were edited to make him look like a fool, and snippets used on programs. Herr von Daniken takes his time and explains the whole situation on the book in question (Gold of the Gods). Strangely, the debunkers do not touch the original book, Chariots, but they lump it in with Gold and the errors there.

I do urge everyone to read the book History so they can judge for themselves.


Postby PegasusAngel » Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:39 pm

Well what is good about Erich is that he's never been deterred from carrying on with his research, so not only has he written many amazingly eye-opening books since, but now he's been able to clarify things as well...



Postby Cookiedala » Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:37 am

When I was a child, my mother (who used to be a hippie!) told me stories that the Gods might be astronauts, because she read several books on this by von Däniken, funny enough at a much later age I discovered the book she told me about when I was a little girl.

Inquiring Mind

Postby Inquiring Mind » Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:22 am

I recently picked up 'Stargate' on DVD at a local Walmart for 5 dollars. Low and behold I hadn't noticed that a cool 20 minute documentary on Ancient astronauts was included as bonus material. Von Daniken and Tsoukalos were both on there.

Money well spent!


Postby ke5ehi » Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:28 am

I was first turned unto EvD while watching one of the earlier episodes of Ancient Aliens. I bought a copy of Chariots of the Gods and have since bought about four more of his books. One of the things I like about his books are his suggestions for other reading (beyond that of the ''at least 25 books'' he's written on ''the subject.'', hah). I just finished Tayos Gold that I bought after reading History is Wrong.


Postby Porter » Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:55 am

its all George Noory's fault, he corrupted my mind!

Curse you Coast to Coast i was innocent until i meet you!!!

Innocent i tell you!!


i need a lay down..

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Postby Ace Rimmer » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:25 am

I read COTG when it first came out, I was 17! That was 41 years ago, I always knew something was "not right" with mainstream thinking and beliefs.
Alien intervention is the only thing that makes any sense to me.
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Postby lunarwing » Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:31 am

I was into the idea that the God... or gods.... was more than what I was being taught in church. There were too many UFO like stories in the Bible, and other questions that church elders just could not, or want to, answer.

When COTG first came out (I was 11 years old).... I went to it like a magnet to steel! I have to thank Eric for writing the piece because up to that point I thought I could very well be "seeing things" that wasn't there in the historical record. At least that is what everyone who I had told what I thought was telling me I was doing.

Thank you Eric


Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby DataJY » Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:59 am

Good day;

Upon finding out about this forum,
which I think is a great opportunity for people all over the world,
I need to give my highest respect to Erik Von Daniken and the entire work he has done.

Humanity began getting out of "religions related blind beliefs" with Copernic, Gallilée, Descartes.
Then, applying the scientific method people learned about evolution with Darwin, Copens (Yves).
And finally earthlings started looking at their real ancient history with Erik Von Daniken.
At that time, his work had the same impact as Copernic's in his era!
In this manner, he is the Father of "Enlightened Archaeology".

Personally, his work showed me the way and the angle of approach to ethnology related fields of research (archaeology, anthropology, paleontology, geology, biology). Also, and fundamental, he did bring into light the fact that all fields of science are required working together. Because when somebody starts digging into one subject (in ancient history), hundreds of related aspects are pouring out.

This is how, 30 years ago, Erik Von Daniken has inspired the particular angle I was to apply my research.
And it has yielded so much information, I could never be grateful enough!

If Copernic has opened our mind to space,
Erik Von Daniken has brought the third dimension to our history.

From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you very much for your work.


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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby Cydonia » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:45 am

Back around 1975, my wife and I (not married at that time) I was about 6 years old and she was about 4. Her grandmother took us to the library to see Chariots of the Gods (to this day I don't understand why, her grandmother was a devout catholic. Anyway I remember it like it was yesterday, I was fascinated and wanted to learn more and more. Shortly thereafter I saw the book "Chariots of the Gods" and asked my parents to buy it for me which they did even though I probably couldn't read more than a few lines in the book, but I loved the pictures. I remember taking the book to school and it was taken away from me and my parents had to go to the school to get my book, it was recommended by the school that this type of material was unacceptable reading and was not allowed on school grounds (Catholic school). I debated everything taught to me in the catholic religion, which of course they hated finally I ended up keeping my mouth shut and went to a public school after a few years. I read everything that Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchen wrote, it made sense to me.
On a recent note I got a response from Michael Heiser, I questioned something he wrote about EvD and ZS, he responded back by saying their work is true in their fantasy world. I don't trust that guy, what is his problem? The years and years EvD and ZS have devoted their life to understanding and researching the AAT is phenomenal and when someone like Heiser comes along to smear their work is wrong! I am thrilled Giorgio Tsoukalos is continuing EvD work for a new generation, thanks you guys for your hard work.

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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby BlueMarble » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:10 am

I was very young at the time. My father had 1 or 2 Erich Von Daniken books at home, and I started reading them little by little, from the age of 9 to 12. I don't know exactly the reason, but I remember of asking my father about the books, and he told me something like: "those books say that our ancestors/ancient civilizations were contacted by extraterrestrials..."

For me it was: "WOW, that makes sense! "


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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby Moon » Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:14 pm

My very first book about the fringe subjects was one by Frank Edwards about the Strange World we live in. I forget the exact title as he wrote many of them, but it had a lot of stuff in it about UFOs.

My next book was Erich von Dankiken's Gold of the Gods which I read before Chariots. I was about 12 when I read the Frank Edwards book.

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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby cpt.norad » Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:43 am

The first book from EvD was "Chariots", or as it called in german "Erinnerungen an die Zukunft", a translation would be "Remembering Tomorrow" or something like that. But the first book topic-related was - I don't know the english title or even if it was translated to english - ab book bei Gerhard R. Steinhäuser. It is called "Unsere Heimat im All", that means "Our place in space". The author says, that there are no Ancient Aliens on earth, because WE visited the aliens. Be travelling with the whole planet. Yes, planet earth is a spaceship. It came from the sirius. Bevor that, the earth was in a differend universe and the gods (a more intelligent part of mankind) managed it somehow, to travel into this universe. The power came from something called "psychotronic", it is explained a "bio-gravity".

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