See Giorgio Live THIS Weekend, October 17/18, in New Jersey!

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See Giorgio Live THIS Weekend, October 17/18, in New Jersey!

Postby Giorgio Tsoukalos » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:57 pm

See Giorgio LIVE at 2008 Culture of Contact Festival THIS Weekend in Jersey City, NJ, minutes from Manhattan!

No plans for the weekend yet? Come see Giorgio at a lecture!

This event is not going to be your ordinary run-of-the-mill conference, no, this is going to be much more fun and enlightening. Less Power Point and more intimate story time, that is what you will find here at the historic Landmark Loew’s Theatre in Jersey City where Frank Sinatra first heard Bing Crosby sing and decided to become a singer himself!

The theme of this year’s Culture of Contact Arts & Speaker Festival is “Mythology Is Reality.”

Quite simply, Western historians have sculpted our vision of the past along parallel lines: fact and myth. Myths do exist, of course, but any fact that doesn’t fit within the accepted framework is also, erroneously, deemed myth and so we really don’t have an accurate picture of our past or our place in the Universe.

Take Egyptology, for example. Most of what we know about ancient Egypt stems from the Pyramid Texts. We consider the Pyramid Texts a factual historical account of this ancient culture …except for the period called Zep Tepi (“The First Time”), which describes beings coming down from the heavens and imparting knowledge to ancient man. For some reason, this account - which is how the Pyramid Texts begin - is considered a myth, while the rest of the very same text is considered historical fact.

Another example can be found in the Native American oral traditions. Some tribes, such as the Hopi, talk about being descendants of star people. It wasn’t until recently that it became clear they meant this literally. It’s not mythology for them - this is who they are.

And so it goes. From antiquity we have these stories of beings descending from the sky and imparting huge leaps in culture and knowledge upon the people of all countries and cultures - ALL countries and cultures, think about that - but because we’ve devolved into materialist rationalists in total control of our domain, that fact is completely unacceptable to us, so it is disregarded as primitive mythology.

It is the Festival’s goal to give life back to the supposedly unreal timeline and to show how only the reintegration of this line into factual history completes the distorted picture of humanity. We will demonstrate through artwork, film, and music, as well as talks from alternative historians and present-day experiencers of these beings who descend from the sky, that these “myths” are really factual explanations of nonhuman contact events stretching from the gods of antiquity to the alien abductions of modern times.

Schedule of Events:

Friday, October 17th:
Noon – 5pm:
Want that intimate up close and personal chat with your favorite speaker this weekend? This is the time to do it. We will have small, intimate group discussions with the speakers and also with experiencers, as well as surprise guests and events.

Saturday, October 18th:
10:30am - Michael Mannion & Trish Corbett
11:30am - Richard Dolan

12:30pm - Giorgio Tsoukalos

1:30pm - LUNCH BREAK - or, if you’d prefer, stay for the screening of Combustive Motor Corp.'s documentary screening w/Director Chris Noble. (Digital Projection of Film)
2:30pm – Peter Robbins
3:30pm - David Biedny
4:30pm - Farah Yurdozu

5:30pm - DINNER BREAK - or, if you'd prefer, stay for The Hidden Hand Documentary Sneak Preview w/Director James Carman. (Digital Projection of Film)

6:30pm - Keynote Speakers Dr. Gregory L. Matloff & C Bangs. Together they will share their work with NASA, their ideas about space travel, and explain why they believe some SETI efforts should be devoted to Kuiper Belt Objects. Then Dr. Matloff will tell us what it's like, given his background, to hear from two scientists that they have had contact experiences. Does he believe them? What is his best educated guess about such claims? You will find out and you may be in for a surprise!

7:30pm - The Roundtable - Where experiencers and researchers attempt to hash out a cohesive picture of what's going on based on their very different perspectives and also take questions from the audience. Panel will include festival speakers as well as some surprise guests.
8:30pm - William J. Birnes, UFO Hunters
9:30pm - The Silent But Deadly Truthvolution of Truth comedy film premiere w/Director Jeremy Vaeni. (Digital Projection of Film)

Venue Location:
Loew's Jersey Theatre
54 Journal Square
Jersey City, NJ 07306

For tickets, please visit

For more detailed info, please visit where you will find everything you need to know about the 2008 Culture of Contact Festival. If you don't see what you’re looking for, simply keep scrolling down. It is there.

Directions / How to get there:
New Yorkers: Simply take the PATH train from Manhattan. The ride is 20 minutes from Manhattan by PATH and the theater is across the street from the Journal Square stop. It couldn't be closer or easier...


Millennium Hilton

55 Church Street
New York, NY 10007
Tel. (212) 693-2001, Fax (212) 571-2316

Less expensive alternative, about a mile away from the venue:

Red Carpet Inn
459 Tonnele Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07307


Or search out your own accommodations online at

Again, for more detailed info, please visit where you will find everything you need to know about the 2008 Culture of Contact Festival.

See you THIS weekend!

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