Anecdote about Erich von Daeniken

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Anecdote about Erich von Daeniken

Postby rafiki_yako » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:49 am

Some years ago, in April 2003, Ercih von Daeniken visited my country, Poland. He was to give two lectures on his Ancient Astronaut Theory (there is another, quite outrageous, aspect of this that I will mention later).

He arrived in Warsaw earlier to meet with a research group whose member I was at the time. Ufortunately we had no venue to meet with him , and the room we had prebooked turned out to be talen by someone else.

As a last resort, I have asked the administraion department of the firm where I work (without telling them exactly what the issue was) whethr it would be possible for me to rent/use one of the largest conference rooms for my private meeting, obviously outside the regular working hours. To my surprise, they agreed and that's how all our group, including Mr von Daeniken, has ended up in a conference room in my office! However, before we could all go upstairs (where all conference rooms are situated), each one of us had to provide their name to a security guy sitting at the reception on the ground floor. Just try to imagine the face of the guy when, without even looking up, he heard in response "Erich von Daeniken"! :D :lol: Quite a sight!

That was the funny part of it, an anecdote. Now on to something more serious.

As you are probably very well aware, Mr von Daeniken has had lectures in some of the largest venues at some of the best known universities, such as Sorbonne etc., and it does not seem to matter in the least that 99.5% of the scientists and researchers employed by these universities do not agree with Mr von Daeniken's opinions. This does not seem to prevent them from being open to such meetings (or simply having an opportunity of earning some cash).

Not so at the University of Warsaw where he was initially schedulled to talk. The pressures from the mainstream scientific lobby was so large that the administration of the University apparently succumbed to their whims and wishes and literally flatly refused to host the lectures!!! Luckily enough we were successful in providing another space (basically a cinema), and on two consecutive days the rooms were chock-full of people... But such a stance of mainstream scientists speaks volumes about the mindsets of some (most?) of our Polish scientists, and therefore of our Polish science...

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